President - ERIKA Murray, nic

Erika Murray, our President, is a passionate, fun-loving CODA and third generation native signer. Originally from Baltimore, Erika moved to the NY Metro area in 2016 and ironically does not live in NY but right across the Hudson river in Hoboken, New Jersey. Knowing that she wanted to become a sign language interpreter from a very young age, Erika jumped right in ready to fully connect and contribute to the board and its members the moment she arrived.

In 2013 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Studies from Towson University in Towson, Maryland. One of her key accomplishments while pursuing her BA was spearheading a pilot study which highlights new and innovative ways to provide internet access through ASL as a universal design concept. The study was published in the Warwick University International Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Earning her NIC in 2018. Erika has interpreted in a variety of settings, such as VRS, educational, medical, etc. She enjoys getting a taste of everything the field has to offer.

In addition to sharpening her professional craft, Erika was a performance coach in a world renowned and rigorous leadership program from 2015-2018 and continues to have an unwavering commitment to develop herself as a compassionate and supportive leader and community member. 

Fun Fact: Erika comes from the largest deaf family in the state of New Jersey and has a passion for snowboarding, yoga, rock climbing and anything that will test her limits. Just don't ask her to go skydiving!

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