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Bram earned National Certification by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) as a sign-language interpreter in 2008.  He's been New York City Metro RID's Membership Chair since 2006; Recording Secretary and Board Member with New York Deaf Theatre from 2006-14; ASL Coordinator for Nicu's Spoon Theatre since 2005; and TOYS Theater's Media Relations Coordinator since 2001.  In addition, Bram has been coordinating monthly ASL-interpreted Services and Events for New York City's Town & Village Synagogue since 2005, for which the Synagogue recently won a Schechter Award from United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's Metropolitan New York District, and also sometimes interprets there, too.

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associate representative - Gabrielle Reyes

Gabrielle Reyes is excited to be New York City Metro RID Associate Representative. She is from Yonkers, New York where she was born and raised. She is a proud graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s ASL/English Interpreting Training Program. She graduated with a Bachelors in Science in 2020. Gabrielle has been a community interpreter since graduation and hasn’t looked back. She joined the local Deaf community in high school where she started to learn ASL.

Being devoted to learning, she did everything she could to join clubs and events to be involved in the community. In 2018, Gabrielle joined Bloomsburg’s ASL performance group, IMAGE, which showed her a new passion for theater interpreting. Perseverance is Gabrielle’s strength. She will make it her goal to work with the board to work through anything. Since December 2021, Gabrielle has been working with Metro RID as Associate Representative Interim. Some of her duties include public relations and networking while also attending meetings for new projects. She looks forward to taking the time to contribute to the community in any way she can.

Fun Fact: Gabrielle loves planning and decorating parties. In her free time, she is always crafting something for someone's event.

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director at Large 1- Andria Alefhi (2021-2023)

Meet Andria Alefhi, Professional Development Committee co-chair (PDC) and Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) chair. She is a proud NYC Metro RID member and loves doing the behind the scenes work to keep our members in workshops and CEUs. Andria has been intimately involved with the Deaf community since 1999 starting in California, then Washington DC, and settling in NYC in 2006. She enjoys bringing people together with events such as Deaf is Not a Dirty Word, ASL Meditation with Irma and Andria, and is always up for a game night. She especially loves teaming with CDI’s. She has given professional workshops like "The Aided Community" and "Language Deprivation".

Fun Fact: Andria Is so ridiculously crafty. Andria can make clocks from postcards, book covers, coasters, and photos. She also loves karaoke.

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DIRECTOR AT LARGE 2- Meagan Utsey (2022-2024)

Meagan is originally from The Northwest Florida region, where she was first introduced to the Deaf and Interpreting Community at the age of 15. Meagan relocated to NYC in 2016 after graduating from her ITP at Troy University and working for 2 years in the FL and AL areas. Meagan is also the chairperson of Metro RID’s Outreach Committee! 

Meagan loves working in the city and meeting as many members of the community as she can. She is currently in Grad School for Mental Health Counseling and resides in Brooklyn with her puppy Theodore.

Fun Fact:  When not interpreting, Meagan loves traveling, getting caught up in a new book/movie, or anything related to the arts, theater or museums. She especially loves going to see stand up comedy whenever she gets the chance.

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DIRECTOR AT LARGE 3- Amber Ceffalio (2022-2024)

Amber Ceffalio graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelors in interpreting in 1998. She moved from Alaska to Brooklyn with her family in 2004 and has been active in the interpreting community in NYC since 2006.

Amber spent over a decade interpreting in high school. She transitioned to interpreting in the medical setting and is now running the Language Service department at Bellevue Hospital.

Fun fact: Amber enjoys taking pictures and will make her entire party stop and wait if she sees the light hit something interesting in just a certain way.

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DIRECTOR AT LARGE 4- Kristina Saccente (2022-2023)

Kristina is a NYC native born and raised in Brooklyn. She is a CODA from a multi generational Deaf family. She started professionally interpreting in 2018 with educational K-12 but have more recently branched out to interpret in a variety of freelance settings. Kristina wants to get more involved with the Deaf and interpreting communities and thought this would be a good place to start.

Fun Fact: Kristina has a passion for music and the arts and in her free time she loves visiting museums and attending concerts and Broadway shows.

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