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secretary - Bram Weiser, MS, CT

Bram earned National Certification by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) as a sign-language interpreter in 2008.  He's been New York City Metro RID's Secretary and a Board Member since 2019, and Membership Chair since 2006; Recording Secretary and Board Member with New York Deaf Theatre from 2006-14; ASL Coordinator for Nicu's Spoon Theatre since 2005; and TOYS Theater's Media Relations Coordinator since 2001. In addition, Bram has been coordinating monthly ASL-interpreted Services and Events for New York City's Town & Village Synagogue since 2005, for which the Synagogue recently won a Schechter Award from United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's Metropolitan New York District, and also sometimes interprets there, too.

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