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Policy regarding Advertising from Members

Definition according to Bylaws

Article III, § 2 & 3

E. Organizational/Institutional Member: Any organization, institution, agency, or business with an interest in supporting the goals, purposes, and activities of NYC Metro RID.

3. ORGANIZATIONAL/INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS of this corporation shall have the following rights, privileges, and duties:

a. To designate one (1) individual from the organization to serve as a representative to NYC Metro RID. This individual, indicated on the application of membership, shall represent their organization with the same rights and privileges as a student or supporting member as stated in Article III, § 3, § B1 & § B2.

Advertising Policy

Adopted by the Board under Motion 20-21-02

To further NYC Metro RID’s mission of making reliable community information available to the public, advertising and sponsorship may be accepted under guidelines as specified below. It should be understood that the content of advertisements shall not include information or suggestion, implicit or explicit, that would hinder the purpose of accurate information flow to their audience. With this in mind, NYC Metro RID has established certain standards for the acceptance of advertisers and exhibitors as follows:

  • All advertisers and advertisements shall be reviewed for consistency in light of NYC Metro RID’s values: respect, equity, diversity, empowerment, integrity, dignity and knowledge for individuals and communities and follow National RID’s standards as outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct.

  • Acceptance of advertisers and advertisements by NYC Metro RID does not indicate and should not imply endorsement by the Organization.

  • An advertisement shall clearly identify the responsible party or sponsor(s), and accurately describe the product, event or service being offered.

  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject, cancel or remove an advertisement at any time that it deems such exhibit to be inaccurate, misleading, prejudicial, intolerant, irresponsible, unethical or which promotes products or services likely to discriminate, demean, or offend.

  • The Board, in consultation with the Advertising and Communications Committees, also reserves the right to determine the appropriate placement of the advertisement on NYC Metro RID’s website, e-newsletter, and/or social media accounts. 

  • The Board, with counsel from the Website Maintenance Committee, reserves the right to move, replace, or remove advertising due to website storage limitations.

  • NYC Metro RID members in good standing will receive preferential priority concerning placement, frequency, or timeliness of advertisements.

  • This advertising policy will be made accessible to members, readers, and potential advertisers.

All advertising inquiries should be emailed to

NYC Metro RID Advertising Parameters 

What we will post:

  • NYC Metro RID Certified, Associate, Student, Organizational and Supporting members (with topics related to our community/community-led events)

  • National RID and other Regional & Affiliate Chapter news

  • Legislative information and updates pertaining to the profession of interpreting

  • Educational/CEU opportunities for our members

  • Deaf and Interpreter community events, festivals & shows

  • Posts from local Interpreter Training Programs

  • Events and announcements from MOU Partnerships

What we will NOT post:

  • Anything that conflicts with our Code of Ethics or Mission Statement

  • Statements containing profanity, defamation, slanderous/libelous or accusatory language

  • Job announcements for interpreting agencies

  • General advertising/information sharing/branding/public statements/announcements for interpreting agencies

  • Any advertising for events or services from for-profit business entities that are not related to interpreting or the Deaf/DeafBlind Community


-NYC Metro RID offers advertising/promotion space - in accordance with our guidelines - as a free, volunteer service and courtesy. While we try our best to accommodate requests, advertising space on our platform is not guaranteed, and should not be considered an automatic entitlement or benefit to membership.

-Advertising, as a courtesy we extend to the community, is not considered a formal endorsement of content submitted to NYC Metro RID.

-Requesting advertisement does not guarantee placement/distribution of said advertisement.

-NYC Metro RIDBoard reserves the right to revise this policy, and publicize those revisions, as needed.

-All advertising inquiries should be emailed to

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